5 Ways Window Tint Will Save You Money

Published on 13 May 2024 at 13:58

1. Window Tint is Less Expensive Than New Windows

Replacing your windows can be a huge expense. Based on the type and number of windows, plus the cost of installation, you can expect to pay up to $10,000. If you have specialty windows, like oversized or custom, the cost can be even higher.

Window tint can be installed for a fraction of the cost and the average payback time for window film can be as little as four years. Compare that to the 12 years or more for new windows, and the savings get even better!

2. Window Tint Reduces Your Energy Bill

Energy costs have continued to rise, thanks to inflation and other factors. Can window tint help you save money on your energy bill? Yes, it can! In the spring and summer, it reduces the sun’s impact through your windows, reducing hot spots and lowering your cooling bill.  During the colder months, it acts as a layer of insulation, helping to lock warm air inside.

3. Window Tint Preserves Your Furnishings

We love the sun, but it can really do damage to your furnishings. Floors, furniture, rugs, paintings, and home decor can all be affected by sunlight and powerful UV rays. Window tint reduces the sun’s direct impact and blocks up to 99% of those harmful UV rays. This means your furnishing last longer and reduces the need to replace them.

4. Window Tint Protects Your Skin

Even more important than furnishings, is your skin. Those same UV rays can be very harmful to human skin, increasing both aging and skin cancer. The same window tint that can protect your furnishings can protect your skin, too!

5. Window Tint Creates a Safer Home or Office

Want to create a safer home or office? Safety window tints can add a layer of protection. This kind of film makes your windows stronger. It slows down intruders by holding the glass in place. Installing window tint is way less expensive than having to replace all of your stolen goods!

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